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LogRep is a log parser for Final Fantasy XIV. You can compare your parse result with players in all servers (anonymous) on the web. LogRep also has an alarm function which reacts to specific log. You can also easily set an alarm to ring after specific duration.



  • ドロップアイテム情報のサーバー転送をやめました
    Disabled the reporting of item drop data to the server.

  • Nexus ボーナスステージの情報を試しにサーバーに転送するようにしました
    数日したら、DLサイトの方で現在ボーナスタイムにあるのがどのステージか確認できるようにする予定です。LogRep 起動しつつネクサスボーナス狙ってる人が多ければ無事機能するはず…:P

    As a trial, LogRep now tracks and updates the server when an instance is providing a bonus to Nexus light.
    This is determined by messages such as "xx Novus emits a gentle light." (Identical messages typed into chat are ignored.)
    After a few days, the plan is for this information to be available on the download site to check which instance is giving bonus light at the moment.
    As long as there are enough people who run the app while working on the Nexus, this feature should be fine. :P

モブハント系はかなり大掛かりな時間が必要なのと、他にも有用なサイトが既にいろいろありそうですので LogRep では対応を見合わせましたー。悪しからずご了承を!
Due to the amount of time that it will take, and the number of helpful sites already available, development on the mob hunt tracking feature has been cancelled.
Please be understanding!



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