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About DoT(Already compatible 2.1)



Now that the updates to the parser for 2.1 have settled down, I decided to take a look at how much error there is when using DoTs.
Each test was repeated 3 times and the average is reported below.

Enemy HP2.1 LogRep2.0 LogRep
Miasma > Bio II > Bio > Bane vs 2 enemies20062053(+47)1971(-35)
Miasma > Bio II > Bio vs 1 enemy1003924(-76)1004(+1)
Repeatedly casting Miasma vs 1 enemy1003987(-13)961(-42)
Repeatedly casting Bio vs 1 enemy1003960(-40)991(-12)
Recasting Miasma when it drops vs 1 enemy1003958(-45)949(-54)
Recasting Bio when it drops vs 1 enemy1003930(-70)970(-30)
Raging Strikes > Miasma > Bio vs 1 enemy10031021(+18)Untested

What is the cause of error?
Although there's no need for the people who say "even the developer admits there is a ton of error!" to read this, for those who accept there is going to be some error and still be useful in practice, I'd like to try to explain what's going on. :)

  • Critical hit percentage isn't measured
    The log file does not record critical hits for DoTs, so critical hit percentage can't be calculated.

  • Depending on the timing of when an enemy is killed, the tick count for DoTs can vary
    As skilled summoners know, the timing for when DoTs tick is determined 3 seconds after your first DoT. However, this is not the problem. It seems the timing of death depends on the state of the server and is not precisely reported in the log, which can cause the tick count to be off by ±1.

  • The damage totals are not always correct when there are multiple enemies with the same name
    For example, if Goobbues A B and C are in combat, there is no way to tell them apart in the log file.
    Because of this, a DoT that is cast on A might mistakenly end early when B is killed.
    Although in most situations it should work out in the end, if there are places with enemies of the same name but quite different levels, the error will probably add up. (There aren't any such areas at the moment, right?)

It is possible that there are other kinds of calculation errors present. Of course, I would like to fix anything that can be fixed. Please share your opinions! (Besides things like, "It seems bugged, the calculations don't seem to match my impressions", please ;P)



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