Parse, Alarm, Gauge. The must-have tool.

LogRep is a log parser for Final Fantasy XIV. You can compare your parse result with players in all servers (anonymous) on the web. LogRep also has an alarm function which reacts to specific log. You can also easily set an alarm to ring after specific duration.



  • 確認された未対応ログの追加(解析精度が向上します)
    Corrected previously unsupported lines in the log interpreter (improves analysis accuracy)
  • アライアンスのログカラーを設定した
    Alliance chat now displays in its own color.

  • 「善王モグル・モグXII世討滅戦」を集計対象にした
    The battle for Good King Moggle Mog XII is now automatically recognized.

  • 攻撃分析のTotal命中%がクリティカル分引かれている問題の対処
    Fixed a bug where critical hits were not counted towards total hit percentage.



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