Parse, Alarm, Gauge. The must-have tool.

LogRep is a log parser for Final Fantasy XIV. You can compare your parse result with players in all servers (anonymous) on the web. LogRep also has an alarm function which reacts to specific log. You can also easily set an alarm to ring after specific duration.



It is a pretty big update.

 Additions:I've implemented a recovery analysis.
       The implementation plan for the future HoT.

      Web の表示については近日中にアップデート
 Additions:I will summarize the items drop in aggregate area.
       We plan to do in the near future to display the Web.

   Bug Fix:Fixed phrase had become code display in automatic log output.

We are planning for the future.

 I will implement a real-time aggregation not to interfere in the game screen.

 Such as Bain enabled, I aggregate more accurately the DoT (HoT).



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