Parse, Alarm, Gauge. The must-have tool.

LogRep is a log parser for Final Fantasy XIV. You can compare your parse result with players in all servers (anonymous) on the web. LogRep also has an alarm function which reacts to specific log. You can also easily set an alarm to ring after specific duration.



  • 集計ステージを増やしました。Webから選択することも出来るようにしました。(日本語のみ)
    I have increased the aggregation stage.
    It is now also possible to select from the Web. (Currently only Japanese)

  • 巴術士、召喚士、学者それぞれパーティに1名であれば召喚獣のスコアが加算されるようになりました
    Score summoned beast is now summed only when Arcanist, Summoner, and Scholar.



★ If you have not chosen the "匿名(anonymous)", please write your name in the "名前(Name) / URL".